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Making Marriage Work

February 11, 2023  |  9A-4P

Making Marriage Work

Love was so easy in the beginning—because of course “Love is all you need”

You but your best self forward and all the ‘feels’ felt so right.

Attraction, support, passion, compatibility.

You were falling in love.

Fast forward—honeymoon is over

Months later, years later, kids later, tragedies later.

You can’t seem to talk about anything anymore.

You try but you end up in the same two places—conflict or disconnect.

You wonder, “Why is this so hard?”

Because you’ve been sold the lie that if you’re with the “right” person your “happily ever after” is sealed. That “all you need is love”. 

But the reality is living with another human IS HARD!

Supporting them in ways they need, asking for the support you need, connecting in meaningful ways — doesn’t come naturally

But there is hope. Marriage is a skill you can learn.

Thanks so John & Julie Gottman, renowned experts in the field of long-term relationships we know what makes marriage work. Their 40 years of research observing couples has delivered practical, hands-on skills to improve, heal, and nurture relationships. Check out this video for more info on their work: 7 Principles Video

Join this one-day educational workshop to learn those relationship skills so you can communicate better, grow with each other, manage conflict, and meet each other’s deepest needs. The workshop will include lectures, demonstrations, videos, and private couple exercises.


-John’s best selling book “7 Principles for Making Marriage Work”
-2 couple workbooks
-2 decks of cards aimed to jump-start and deepen conversations
-6 pamphlets (the “cliff notes”) describing major concepts from the workshop to refer back to at any time you need to.

Plus, each couple has one FREE coaching session with me following the workshop to help implement the skills learned in the workshop.


Couples that would benefit from this workshop:
-Newlyweds and Seasoned Married
-Couples that wish to enhance their relationship
-Couples who need better conflict and connection tools.

Couples that are not suited for this workshop:
-Severe relationship distress
-Emotional or domestic abuse
-People in active addiction
-Untreated mental health problems for either partner


-Personalized therapy
-An event to share personal problems.
*All exercises and discussion happen privately between you and your partner.

Stop digging your heels into another argument and start digging in the right direction, alongside your partner.

Save $50 when you register before Christmas: Use EARLY50

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