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ADHD (Is actually a terrible name)

Something never seemed right.

Your life has unfolded in a series of “doing what I don’t want to do and not doing what I want to do”.

Somehow you always felt like you didn’t fit. And not just like every awkward middle schooler. But like the world and what was expected of you just didn’t work.

All the teachers said “You have such potential”.

Your parents tried to soften it saying “Someday you’ll figure it out”.

But you haven’t.

You can see everyone else meeting deadlines, holding back impulses, reaching goals, and following through. It’s not like you don’t want to do those things too, you just can’t seem to find the flow that others seem to so easily.

And it’s not just about completing tasks—

Even in conversations you get lost when there’s too many words. When you’re trying to follow along you feel like your brain is holding a plank pose and it’s about to buckle under the weight.

And it’s not just about immature impulsivity—

Your emotions seem bigger than everyone else. By the time you know it, you’ve said or done something you really didn’t want to and now you feel horrible.

And it’s not just about fidgetiness—

It is actually physically uncomfortable to engage in things that don’t stir something up in you.

The bridge between where you are and where you want to be always seems to feel like the grand canyon. So even the first step seems like the Olympic long jump.

Everything we think we know about ADHD is what it seems.

What I have found is that even people with ADHD don’t realize what it means. They don’t realize it is actually how their brain is wired that impacts much of how they engage in the world. That it is actually their symptoms that impact their daily living, NOT their moral character.

It’s always felt like a personal flaw.

Like one step forward and two steps back.

Like there was something wrong with me.

One of the most tragic things I’ve seen is how moving through the world with ADHD can and has demolished a person’s self-esteem.

And it is one of the reasons I love working with ADHD clients. And as a mother of a neurodivergent brain, I have immense compassion for the challenges it presents.

My biggest goal working with ADHD clients is to help them understand how their brain works so there is no more shame.

Shame is crippling and you have done nothing wrong.

But because you brain doesn’t operate with the rules and limitations of our modern, industrialized, formalized, Capitalistic world, it’s been hard to get by.

Once we can move beyond the shame that this is related to a character flaw, and begin to understand how ADHD influences behavior, then we can come up with creative solutions to capitalize on all the energy, creativity, and boldness your brain is supercharged with.

I’m here to say there is nothing wrong with YOU! There is actually something quite beautiful about you—YOUR BRAIN.

It is designed for a special reason—one which the world needs.

Because you don’t stop to think and doubt,

And because you can get so hyper-focused,

And because you can’t sit still,

Your brain pushes the envelope.

It sees not what is there but what could be there.

It doesn’t see a brick wall as a dead end but as a part of the corn maze to work around.

And because your emotions are big, you also have a big heart. You can feel things on a level some people only get a taste of.

In some ways your brain opens up a rich depth of life and experience.

You see you don’t have Attention-Deficit. You can focus—hell you can hyper focus. And you are motivated—motivated by what is interesting and exciting. And you don’t quit when others are ready to throw in the towel.

It’s just that your attention is specific and inconsistency.

So let me help you understand your Ferrari Brain and all its beautiful power. Let me help you strengthen those bicycle brakes so you can make more calculated decisions about how you use your time and talents centered on the things that matter most to you. 

Reach out today by calling (715) 725-0820. Let me help you become your best!