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Individual Therapy

​Everything… to Everybody

That seems to describe your life.

You’ve got more commitments than calendar space. Even if you suddenly found a free spot and had a choice of how to fill it, you wouldn’t even know where to start.

Doing something fun? You’d love to. But that would mean failing to accomplish something important. Doing something important is even more draining.

Doing something for yourself? You wouldn’t even know how to define that.

How about something life giving?

Something both important and focused on you.

Individual therapy gives you permission to focus on and care for yourself.

I can help you turn your attention to what’s going on inside and around you and – more importantly – to how that’s affecting your own sense of peace and calm. Likely, there’s none of that to be had lately.

No one argues with the need to care for the body. Maybe you don’t eat all your veggies and exercise as recommended, but you’d probably agree that doing so is important.

How does therapy help?

For many reasons, people don’t give themselves this gift of time and space. Often, it’s because it feels like a luxury. Other times, it may seem self-involved. Sometimes, perhaps gimmicky.

But therapy is just a matter of taking care of your other half – your mind and your heart. In some ways, doing that actually trumps caring for the body.

Time and time again, research has shown the power of the mind-body connection. Tending to one benefits the other.

When you’re feeling calm, content, and confident, your body also feels better. And even if the circumstances around you look like a circus without a ringleader, you have the inner strength you need to navigate those things.

But how does it work?

Through individual services, I help you with your inner world – the thoughts and feelings playing in the background of your life – whether you recognize them or not.

Very likely, these things are, at best, holding you back – and at worst, creating even more tension in your life.

AND, at the same time, you possess extraordinary inner strength you may not even realize – but which you may already be using. I’m surprised by how many clients don’t realize all the inner work they’re already doing – work that deserves to be honored.

Honoring your inner strength both gives you the kudos you deserve and highlights what to “rinse and repeat” because it works and you’re already good at it!

Not unlike Elsa’s adventure…

…into the unknown, therapy can be scary for some. It calls, but it may also frighten. See the How Therapy Works page to learn more.

Know that you aren’t in it alone. My role is to be your guide and coach – someone to walk alongside you and help carry the load. As humans, we are social creatures and NEED each other. Not just for resources and supplies but also for emotional support and reflection.

If you broke your arm or had pain in your stomach, you wouldn’t hesitate to visit your doctor. Don’t hesitate now to heal your heart and mind.

Reach out today by calling (715) 725-0820 and find out just how much individual therapy can benefit you.