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How Therapy Works

You’ve reached it: the breaking point.

If one more person asks you for one more thing, you’ll either explode or bawl – and we’re talking ugly cry – uncontrollable sobs, snot, red eyes, the works.

You’ve got more pent-up pressure than a soda bottle.

Every task, every responsibility, every request, every argument – each one is like someone picking up the bottle and shaking it or dropping in a Mento.

All it takes is one more thing, and whoosh! Everyone knows what happens next – a soda explosion (and another mess to clean to boot).

Life shouldn’t be this hard – and it doesn’t have to be.

You’re not alone. I’ve walked alongside many people who have had these same thoughts and feelings.

Hell, I’ve had these same thoughts and feelings.

Therapy should start with empathy and validation – because the struggle is real, my friend.

Feeling heard and understood amounts to loosening the bottle cap and closing it quickly a few times to relieve the pressure and avoid the explosion.

Therapy can make things easier.

It can provide the breath of fresh air everyone seems to be holding out for these days.

It’s where you can speak your truth (the ugly, unconventional, socially unacceptable, painful truth) without fear of judgment – where you can sort it all out without stepping on more toes or opening a huge can of worms. Where you have permission to take up the entire airtime – without feeling selfish.

From experience, I can tell you how incredibly meaningful, powerful, and impactful that breath of fresh air is.

It’s a healthy hit of dopamine to the brain – the relief of warm water on sore muscles – the moment your body melts into your favorite resting place.

It’s the secret ingredient.

It’s what’s missing from all the advice of well-intentioned friends and family or self-help articles. You can’t make genuine, positive change until you are seen and understood.

Because every seemingly unhealthy, stupid, reckless, or immature thing you may have done up to this point is not because you are crazy, incompetent, or malfunctioned. It is because you did what you needed to get through — get by and ‘in front of,’ and we MUST acknowledge and honor that.

Because that act is the first step to letting go of what isn’t working anymore.

But it isn’t cutting it anymore – you’re ready for something better, healthier. Perhaps, now it’s time for a change.

Therapy meets you where you are – right now – and meets important needs.

Maybe it’s one major isolated stressor.

Maybe it’s an ongoing mild stressor.

Maybe it’s the maintenance of the steadiness you’ve started to find. You know what they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You get to decide how therapy serves you.

My first role is to listen and understand ALL of YOU –

Your background, current season of life, needs, preferences, strengths, and motivations.

All these things matter when it comes to understanding your story thus far and your desired change from here.

Then, together, we can find practical and personal problem-solving to manage your stress. At that point, my primary role becomes that of challenger and encourager.

It’s all about YOU – and your freedom.

My goal is to make your sessions feel more comfortable than they should when talking about uncomfortable things.

I’ll transform the vibe around these things so that you can actually talk about them without setting off a relational shitstorm.

It should feel like talking to a close friend – but with some positive key differences. For example, there’s no taking turns. The session is all about you – as it should be. You have permission to focus entirely on you.

I have no skin in the game.

I mean – I do – in the sense that I care about you and your goals, but you aren’t going to step on my toes.

Isn’t that one of the hardest things about talking with family and friends? If you speak your truth, it may upend theirs.

Not with me. I don’t have a horse in your race – so you can say anything, as long as it’s honest. That’s how we get real inner work done.

And I’ve saved the best for last.

Therapy allows you to get unique feedback – not the kind that turns into World War Three.

Rather, you get the kind that moves you forward – because there are no emotional wounds between us and because I have no personal agenda.

My feedback is nothing more than observation and inquiry – the kind that gives you the gift of self-reflection – so you can decide what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s time for transformation without trauma.

You know it’s time for change – lasting, positive change that comes from the unique, nonjudgmental relationship that only therapy can provide.

And you’re here. You’re ready. So, the next step is easy.

Reach out however you’re comfortable. Submit your information, send me an email, or give me a call.

Let’s relieve that pressure and give you the freedom to move closer toward becoming the best version of yourself.